Lionella Cellars
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The Okanagan valley is proving to be a region that can make world class wines. Our focus is to showcase to the world our unique northern climate and how that translates from the vineyard to the bottle.

Our philosophy is to tread lightly on the land and enjoy every aspect of the winemaking process. Wine gives one an excuse to slow down a little and really allow ones senses to take over. A glass of wine can mark a moment in time, while simultaneously imparting a reason for laughter and not taking life too seriously.

The Lionello family moved to the Okanagan valley because there was potential to make great wines. We hope to incorporate what we have learned to love about the tradition of wine and wine making, with the best modern techniques. "Old world passion, New world wines."

  - Cristoforo Lionello - Winemaker  

Old World Passion....New World Wines